What is Limit Per Student?

Limit Per Student controls the number of Add to Cart/Purchases for the student.

Default Settings

Limit Per Student = One (1)
Limit Quantity = Unlimited - toggle off (grey)

Limit Per Student Setup Options

  1. Default is set to one (1)
    The item is attached to the student and visible to all parents and guardians attached to the student.

    The item will only be available until the purchase, by one of the parents/guardians.
    Upon purchase of the item, it will no longer be visible to any of the parents/guardians attached to the student.

    Example: Majority of item fees require a one-time purchase, i.e., yearbook, agenda, student fee, etc. One parent/guardian would be able to purchase the item for the student.
  2. Greater than one (>1), the number can be increased from default
    Changing the default means that a purchase of that item can occur to the maximum entered. The item may be purchased by one or more parents/guardians.

    The item will no longer be available for purchase, once the set maximum of purchases has been reached by one or more of the parents/guardians.

    For a greater understanding of this functionality, visit Limit Per Student - How does > 1 Purchasing Work?

    Example: Limit Per Student changed to 4 - One or more parents/guardians may purchase a combined total of four tickets to graduation for that student 
  3. Unlimited number of purchases, changing the toggle.
    The toggle can be selected (changes from blue to grey).

    The item can be purchased numerous times, by more than one individual attached to the student.
    An optional item will remain available for purchase until 11:59 pm on the expiry date.
    Example: Fundraising item, school wants to sell as many of the item as possible.

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