These March 2019 enhancements allow SchoolCash Catalog users to set up scheduled items to be paid twice a month (versus only once a month) as well as collect past due installments at the time of purchase, giving them more flexibility to determine how and when to collect payments.

Other changes in SchoolCash Online include renaming the “One-Time Payment” option to “Pay in full today”. In addition, the number of installments will default to the maximum, and users will have the ability to schedule a single future installment for the full amount.

Twice a Month Frequency

The new frequency will create a payment plan that processes two payments a month. When selected, payments will be processed on the 1st and 15th of every month within the First and Last payment dates.  Below is a screenshot of the new SchoolCash Catalog settings.

School Cash Catalog item setup

Collect Past Due Installments at the Time of Purchase

Turning this feature ON will schedule any past due installments to be processed overnight after the item is purchased. In the sample below, the SchoolCash Online user has four past due installments, scheduled for overnight processing, for a total of $16.67, and eight installments of $4.17. The last installment is rounded based on the total price.

The option is OFF by default and does not change current scheduled payments.

Default to Maximum Number of Installments

Items that allow scheduled payments will now have the maximum number of installments selected instead of “Pay in full today”. In the sample below, the option to pay in nine installments will be selected when users purchase the item. Users will still be able to reduce the number of installments or pay in full if they choose to do so.

SchoolCash Online Single Installment Option

SchoolCash Online users can schedule the full amount to be paid on the next installment date instead of paying immediately (“Pay in full today” option) or paying with multiple installments.  To select the single installment option, they simply select 1 as the number of payments.