What is the process to verify if an item was made Public or Unlisted?


Prior to addition of the new Fee Link - View Items Window Field Label, where a unique URL label is now available for both Public and Unlisted items, the process steps were as follows:

  1. Select Only Public, from List of Items window, Public Items drop-down

  2. System will find all items with item creation 'Availability' selection of Public or Unlisted

  3. All found items indicate 'Yes' beside 'Available to Public'

  4. Then user was to review each item, and verify if there was an Unlisted Fee Link.
    If there wasn't a link, user knew the item was a Public item, available to anyone with the District's SchoolCash Online URL. At that time they could revise if need be.

Where has the process changed, with the new Public Fee Link?

As of October 2022, all Unlisted and Public items have a unique URL fee link, Step #4 is no longer an option.

Users follow Steps 1 to 3, then 

        4. Click the Export button, which will produce an excel report

        5. Review & verify the Public Items column & Unlisted column for accuracy

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