What is the process to complete a group collection?

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Using the SchoolCash Register including How to create a Group Collection (Part 1) and (Part 2)

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  1. Click on the Group Collection tab
    Note: All existing Group Collections will need to be closed prior to rolling the SchoolCash Catalog for the next year.
  2. Choose the open collection campaign
  3. Click the Select button
  4. Complete the itemization process
  5. Click the Complete button (not Deposit or Print)
  6. If there are no payments, the Group Collection Campaign must still be closed by selecting Complete.
        Note: Once the completion button is selected, the current Group Collection Campaign will be closed.
  7. A pop up screen will appear confirming completion of the Group Collection.
       Note: Once the completion option is selected, the current Group collection Campaign will no longer be available for itemization.

A closed Group Collection Campaign can always be reviewed prior to SchoolCash Catalog rollover, by selecting the checkbox beside completed collections.

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