Can an item option be setup to assign/split revenue between multiple accounts or categories? 

How can it be setup to assign revenue flow?


An option CANNOT be assigned to more than one account (SFO) or category (SCA) in the Extras section of the item creation window.

Scenario 1: Field Trip (entry ticket) with Lunch

The item has a base cost entered in the Financials section, which can be assigned multiple accounts/categories, view this article Assign, Split Revenue in Item Financials (no option)to multiple accounts or categories and the revenue of the option and choices can be assigned to another an account/category. 

This will allow the item purchase revenue to flow to the account/category in the Financial section, as well as the option/choices revenue, within the same purchase, which would flow to the account/category assigned in the option.

Example: Field Trip cost is for the ticket and revenue of the item purchase flows to the field trip account/category assigned. But it also has an option with choices for a lunch. That option may be assigned to a different account/category, possibly a lunch category/account.

When item is purchased, the revenue flows to the field trip account/category. And if parent purchases a lunch, that revenue then flows to the lunch category/account.

Scenario 2: No Base Cost, Two Options (revenue of each flows to a different account/category)

The item doesn't have a cost entered in the Financials section. The cost remains at $0.00. The item has 2 (two) options with choices. An account/category is assigned to each option and they can differ.

Here is a SchoolCash Online screen capture of what a parent would see.

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